Hand Crafted Bucktails

Meticulously Hand Tied Bucktails

 SKIMMER Bucktail


  • Shallow running bucktails (bulging -3 feet) at a moderate pace retrieve .
  •  A great lure for “bulging” the surface over almost emergent vegitation.
  • Good constant presentation
  • Evenly weighted for less tumble on casts which translates to less line tangles.
  • Preglued thread and epoxied nose makes for a very durable bucktail
  • Various hair and blade color combinations available to help you achieve your maximum fishing potential in any water clarity/stain or weather situation.

The SKIMMER Bucktail products are meticulously hand tied.


Dark or stained water

  • Sunny – All black hair with yellow blade with an orange flash or brown hair with brass or orange.
  • Sunny with many non-biting following fish – Red with black stripped hair with copper blade or yellow hair with an orang flashed yellow blade.
  • Sunny-Cloudy – Black over yellow hair with nickle blade.
  • Overcast- Yellow over black hair with copper blade or crappie gray and white with nickel blade.
  • Nasty stormy weather – Yellow with 3 black bars and tarnished brass blade.



8-9 inches long, 1 ounce, two treble hook- a middle 2/0 & a rear 3/0, #8 .040 Colorado blade. Epoxied thread on the forward hair body for protection against toothy predators.


        NEW! 700 & 800 Series Bucktails: Previously a Hi Fin Tackle Product ***Pictures to be available once website is revamped***

7 inches long, ¾ ounce, one 4 tie hair body and a 3/0 treble hook, a #8 .040 Colorado blade or #7 Mag Willow Blade available.

       SK 10 BUCKTAIL

11 inches long, 1 ½ ounce, three hair bodies, a rear 3/0 treble hook and a middle 2/0 treble Hook, two #8 .040 Colorado blades.



4 inches long, ½ ounce, one hair body, one 1/0 treble hook, a #8 Indiana blade.

All four of these bucktails are designed for moderate-paced retrieves. Their designs are for facilitating retrieve at 2 feet down to bulging the surface.
Maintaining a rod height from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock and adjusting during the retrieve will allow the lure to create a water bubble over the lure (bulging)
These lures, and retrieve speed, allows these lures to be used in areas where the weeds are becoming emergent without worry that the lure will foul with the weeds. Lots of thump from the large Indiana blade, great hook up due to the hair compressing easily around the exposed hooks, and consistent non-dog-tracking of the lure because of the off-center eye and keel design.

 Mag 10 **** A beastie bait for beastie fish ****

Black over white double nickle bladed#10 Colorado  Mag14BW-N
Black over white double nickle bladed#10 Colorado
Black over white double nickle bladed#10 Colorado
Black over white double nickle bladed#10 Colorado

        Approximately 10 inches long
Double #10 Colorado blades = major thumping vibration, lift, and buldge capabilities
Middle Mustad 3/0 treble hook, Rear hook is Mustad 7/0 treble hook.***single hook variation available on request***
Keel weighted for less tumble on cast

                   ***Also available in flashabou…limited colors!***call/email for options

            We Also Tie Custom Colors:  “If you can describe it, we can tie it!”

Custom Bucktail Tail Colors Available:
(solid color or any combination, available for all bucktails except SK .5)

Black, white, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, natural, green, lime, chartreuse (fluorescent yellow), light gray, dark frosted gray (if do not see color listed, just ask, will try to get)

       All bucktails, except SK .5, are keeled for balance, reducing tumbling on casts. Also strong lifting # 8 Colorado and Indiana blades are used.
The rod tip height dictates whether the lure runs down as far as 3 feet or is bulged along the surface over emergent vegetation without having to speed retrieve the lure back.

       These are some of the highest-quality made bucktails on the market today. There are a few nuances built into the lures that make them more durable than others.

I look forward to making your next custom lure.   Call or email for pricing.